Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can this school year be over with? Please?

This has been the most stressful school year not only for me, but for Josh, too. It really sucks. If I am not stressed with my masters classes or one of the classes I teach at school, then Josh is stressed with CTA stuff. I am just tired of it. It feels like we are unhappy more than we are happy. We are cranky, we are short-tempered, we are not happy, and we are TIRED! It is exhausting feeling this way most days. I just really wish this year were over. I wish my classes were done. I wish the yearbook was put together and ready to be completely submitted. I wish it was summer so Josh would get a break as president. This just isn't any fun.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Emotionally Exhausted

I am just exhausted...emotionally. The past weekend brought about an ended friendship; this week brought about being offended and a student complaining about me on a Facebook. I don't know why I really care about any of this because it really shouldn't matter, but it does bother me and it wears me out. I just wish I could take a trip away somewhere for awhile. I was hoping things would get better once the week started, but they haven't.

I have never been more ready for summer break.