Monday, May 16, 2011

My Most Recent Obsession

Lately I have been obsessing about my body. I hate my stomach. I have hated it since I had Collin. There have been good moments where it wasn't that bad, but lately I have gained more weight and most of it has gone to my stomach, some of it to my butt. I really need to get rid of it. I don't expect to ever be as tiny as I was in high school, but I do want to be at a point where I feel good about myself, and right now, I don't.

Starting off the school year, I was feeling pretty good. I felt much better about my body during this last canoe trip than I did the year before. However, I think a combination of stress and sitting more on my ass have much to do with the weight gain. I actually blame my masters classes...well, actually, this entire year is to blame. This has been one of the most stressful years I have had as a teacher. I taught all brand new classes, dealt with the stress from teaching yearbook for the very first time, and my masters classes added a huge load of stress. Stress, stress, and more stress equals Aimee's big fat butt and stomach. Yuck!

So, I am starting a plan. My plan is called the "No Excuses" plan. I am going to really attempt to eat better (at least a lot less), snack on healthier foods, and WORK OUT! I have to get off my butt and move. Volleyball is helping, but I don't play enough for it to really help.

Hopefully by the next time I make a post, I will be feeling better about myself.