Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yet Another Epic Weekend

So, for the last three to four weeks, I have had something wrong with me. It began with an infection in my mouth due to my wisdom teeth forcing their way in, which led to issues because of the antibiotics I was on. This then led to body aches, chest congestion, and a cough that wouldn't go away for anything. I am still coughing every once in awhile, but it isn't anywhere near what it was. The sad thing of all of this, besides the fact that it is never fun to be sick, was that I was super sick on my 30th birthday. Fortunately enough for me, I have an amazing husband and son who helped me have the best birthday I could while being sick. Josh made a delicious dinner with steaks, baked potato, and grilled zucchini and squash. Then, we got a few single slices of cake from Wal-mart, and they put birthday candles in one and sang to me. We also let Collin pick out some party favors, and so we did all of this in our party hats.

(This is Collin wearing the party hat. This is not a good pic of him. I took this more to show the bite he received from a fellow classmate on his head; not so much to show our celebration, but this is the only pic I had of the party hats.)

Even though my birthday was on the 8th, we decided not to celebrate it with friends and stuff until the 17th because there was a wedding people were going to. Plus, it actually worked out better because I was too sick to really go out and have fun. However, Josh took me out to eat. We went to Bad Art Bistro, which I absolutely love, and I had the Salmon Porcupine and he had the Lamb Shank. Mine was good, but his was much better. It tasted like roast! Yum! Anyway, Collin was staying the night with Ma and Papa, so we decided to order dessert to take home. We then came home, shared the dessert, and watched a movie. I just wanted to relax, and so that's what we did.

This weekend, however, was epic, and it is a good thing I was starting to feel a little better. On Friday we went and saw the Foo Fighters. It was awesome! I don't know what was better: the fact that they rocked it for three hours or the fact that they came outside before the concert to play a song for the Westboro Baptist Church idiots and we saw it!!!

(This is outside of our car--the Foo Fighters performing on the back of a tow truck. That is Josh's big thumb blocking some of the view. :-))

(Rock God Dave Grohl! He came out onto this platform to play for all of us in the back. It was pretty awesome.)

After the concert, we all went to Willie's for some late night food, and then Josh and I headed back to our hotel. That was Night #1 and it was a blast!

On Saturday we had to make it back for Devon's baby shower. After the shower, Alysa, Anna, my mom and I stopped by Kohl's. It was supposed to be a quick trip, but we all got too into looking at stuff. I found a couple of cute shirts and some cute shoes for only $11! Plus, I had a great time with my mom and sis.

Last night was my 30th Birthday Party that Josh set up for me with help from my mom and Crystal. Crystal made a cake for it, and it was so cool. It was pretty and I didn't want to cut it.

(My awesome cake!)

Besides the awesome cake, the people who came out were amazing as well! There were people who I hadn't seen for awhile, and it was great to hang out with them again. Night #2 was a blast as well!

Tonight we had our last volleyball game of the season. I am a tad sad because I love playing volleyball, but I am ready to have some actual free time on the weekends.