Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Days=More Time to Read

Snow days used to be a wonderful thing when I was a student. Okay, they have been great as a teacher as well. However, lately, these snow days have been quite boring. Maybe it is because they happened right after Christmas break, but I have been so extremely bored. I feel like I have been in my home more than anywhere else, and it is usually the opposite. Usually I am missing just sitting at home.

What I can say about the snow days is that they have given me time to read some books, watch some movies, and get some laundry washed. That's been really nice since my classes at MU start up again this week...unfortunately. I am not looking forward to all of the work I am going to have to put in. Blah! I love to read (stuff I am interested in) and, once classes start back up, I won't have the time. Sucks.

The first book I read, okay, well, finished was The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, a memoir by Elna Baker.

The book took me awhile to get into, but after about halfway through, I was hooked. Elna is a Mormon who deals with many common situations all people in their 20s deal with, but she struggles to find a happy medium between the various desires she has and her religion. She is funny and I think she would be fun to hang out with.

The next book I read was True Believer by Nicholas Sparks.

I was in the mood for an easy read and Nicholas Sparks is just that. I love his books, but all of his books follow the same basic plot. This one strayed away a little from his usual plot structure, and I liked that. It was a little surprising that way. It still had all of the romance and the perfect guy in it, which takes you away from reality, which is nice on those crazy, stressful days everyone has every once in awhile.

I've started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. I am only in the first few pages, but I have heard it is really good. It is just going to take me awhile to get through since life is going to be crazy again soon.

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  1. I know how you feel about being home all of the the nth degree, though! I never could get into reading for entertainment, with the exception of three books, that is.