Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thank you, Pinterest!

It has been such a long time since I made a post on here. For one, we have been so extremely busy that I have often forgotten about my blog. I am so busy working on homework for my graduate classes, helping Josh not stress out about his, doing everything I need to for work (i.e. lesson plans, reading various pieces of literature, planning things for yearbook, etc., etc., etc.), being a mommy to Collin (which now includes basketball practices and everything else that comes with being in kindergarten), attending various events, and everything else that life throws our way. Besides being super busy, I haven't really had much to write about. However, I do now! 

Yesterday when we were doing a major grocery shopping trip, which hasn't happened in months since we have been so busy (AKA living on quick meals, especially takeout), I told Josh that I really wanted to try one new recipe a week found on Pinterest. So many of the meals we make are so repetitive. We do them ALL of them time, and they can really get old. I want something new! Plus, the few recipes we have tried from Pinterest have been really good. I think there has only been one thing that wasn't the greatest, and it was more the fact that the potatoes didn't cook like they were supposed to.  

Anyway, if you know my husband, you know that he is generally the cook, and he is great at it! When I tell people this, they automatically assume that I can't cook. That isn't it. I can cook, if I do it, but sometimes I just don't feel like cooking. However, Pinterest has made me interested in it...that, and the fact that Josh has been super busy this semester that I sometimes have to be the cook if we want something more than just takeout.

Besides wanting to cook more, I also want to try more. Growing up, I was always a very picky eater. I came from a family of picky eaters. However, since I have been with my husband, I have tried so many more things, and I like so much more. I actually want to try things instead of turning my nose up to something new and different. So, I figure I can write about the Pinterest recipes we try, the various new foods and restaurants we try, and, of course, wines we try! 

So, to start off...

I made two Pinterest recipes this weekend for one of our dinners. I had done one of them before, and it was a hit, and the other was a first time. They were amazing together! It was as delicious as any restaurant. (The only downfall was I had to cook it instead of something waiting on me, but there was still something nice about cooking it all myself.)

The main entree was Lemon Pepper Panko Crusted Chicken with Pesto Sauce. (The link will take you to the blog with the recipe on it.) This recipe I had done one time before. It was so good the first time, I had to do it again. Plus, I was in the mood for a chicken pasta meal. The prep definitely takes a little bit of time, but it really easy and so worth it! This time it was even better than the last, and I think I figured out why. The first time I did it I just used regular Italian breadcrumbs. This time I used the panko Italian breadcrumbs (like the recipes calls for), and it was so much better. There was a much better, much crispier outside.

Here is a picture of our entire meal. The lemon pepper chicken recipe also includes the pasta as well. The recipe calls for a pesto, and it gives you all of the ingredients to make it. I cheated. I just bought a jar of pesto. It was so much easier and still very delicious!

In the picture you will also see a side of broccoli. I never used to like broccoli, but I love it now, and so I am always looking for broccoli recipes. I am so happy I found this one. This broccoli was some of the best broccoli I have ever had. No joke! Here is the recipe. The blogger who posted this called it "The Best Broccoli of Your Life," and I would have to agree. It was amazing! And super easy. The broccoli was crunchy and so flavorful. Every ingredient required added a little bit more flavor, and I really wish I had made more than I did. 

Both recipes called for basil and pine nuts, but just like the two bloggers who posted these recipes, I left them out. It was so delicious that I don't know if those two ingredients would have made much difference.

Since I also enjoy wine, I thought I would talk about the wine in the picture. It was a Mirassou Pinot Grigio. I have had a few different wines of this brand, and I have enjoyed every single one. This pinot went so well with the meal, but it was also great paired up with some cinnamon pecan cookie straws that we found at Aldi's. 

Overall, delicious meal, and I would give it 5 out of 5 stars!

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