Sunday, April 10, 2011

I don't really have a title...not feeling creative right now

So, I have decided that I want to start fixing up our house. I mean, we have pretty nice house, so we should make it even better. I just have never been the greatest at decorating, but I am going to try. I want this place to look nice. I want to paint, too. (Hope that is okay.) And I want to get artwork and other things to put up on our walls. I am kind of excited about this, but don't think it will happen before school is out. I am too busy right now to even really get into it all.

This weekend was lovely, except for the test I had due today. Friday, was, err, well you heard about Friday. Saturday, however, was pleasant. I had a little time on my own to work on my test. Collin was napping and Josh went to KC to get his contacts. Then, later on, I went to Hazel's with my mom and sis. That was really nice. I don't get to hang out with them enough. Saturday night we had a family BBQ. That was really fun, too. Anna is growing up so fast and she reached her arms out and leaned to me. So cute!!!!

The test made this day okay. I mean, I stressed out about it and it took up most of my Sunday, but I am hoping the rest of the night goes okay. Fingers crossed.

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